Let me be the first to proclaim, “I repent from the wrong-doing of looking at another woman’s body who is not my wife!

Roughly ten years ago my wife and I attended a “Community Awareness Seminar” that our local church was hosting and a woman was presenting the ministry of “Victoria’s Friends”. Her opening statement impacted my life!  She simply said, “Our ministry exists because men’s ministry doesn’t.

Our ministry exists because men’s ministry doesn’t.”  WOW, how is that true?!

The photo I’ve posted with this blog is from a club near Dayton, OH where my wife and a team of ladies befriend and interact with dancers every month.  They have permission from the club owner & managers to bring gift-bags to the dancers and to hang-out in the dressing room. Another man and I stay in the vehicle and pray for them while they are inside the club  We pray for divine appointments and for freedom in Jesus Christ that only comes through faith.

Now, back to “men’s ministry”.  When you read that phrase, what do you think of?  For me, I think of an early morning breakfast where there’s a guest speaker; or I think of camp-outs and fishing; or I have remembrances of a stadium packed with 20,000 men attending a “Promise Keepers” rally in the 1990s.  However, amidst all of the traditional men’s ministry events, men are increasingly viewing the naked bodies of women in clubs and on-line – and that includes Christian men!  

That is why I repent, and I am calling for men everywhere to repent – to change your attitudes and your actions!  

The Holy Spirit of God has been given to convict us of wrong-doing (“sin”) and to counsel and guide us into right-living (“righteousness”).  The Holy Spirit prays for us, groans within us, and provides a pace for us to keep in-step with God’s will. The Holy Spirit also grieves when we act or think rebelliously towards God’s will, and Jesus warned us that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven.  (Bible, Matthew 12:31-32)

Men need to have a candid conversation about looking at porn and attending clubs, because when men look, clubs like this one in Dayton can afford to pay 50 dancers on the weekdays, and up to 70 dancers on the weekends!

I don’t want to end this blog sounding like I’m being judgmental or trying to shame all men.  The Holy Spirit brings conviction into our hearts and minds, and the Holy Spirit guides us to take the next step.  As you sense the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life, consider the support of Fireproof Ministries.