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COVID-19: Global Unity

The world has been flattened by COVID-19; we ALL stand on level ground in that we are fearful that COVID-19 might be our silent killer.  We know that death is inevitable but we probably didn’t think it might be 2020. However, the world is choosing to UNITE against COVID-19 regardless of nationality, religion, age or gender, and that’s the correct response.

Choosing to serve others without judgement or conditions is the ultimate expression of humility.

We at Focused Ministries want to help connect you with the help you need, or connect you to others near where you live who have need. Contact us using the form on this page.

Jesus Christ chose to serve others, and He is our example of true humility.  The Bible records Jesus washing the feet of His disciples, and afterwards He says, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” (John 13:15)

Follow Jesus’ example and humbly serve others during this difficult time for us all.  SERVANTHOOD wins!

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Strip Church Dayton is led by a team of ladies who are fully devoted to Jesus Christ. Each month they pack gift-bags and personally deliver them to dancers in local clubs. They develop relationships with the women in these clubs and they let them know, simply, they are loved unconditionally.


Continue to pray for relationships to go deeper outside of the clubs and for the women to see and experience the love of Jesus like never before.


Consider making a special gift or setting up monthly support for Strip Church Dayton.


Schedule a time for Jennifer or one of our team members to meet with you or your group. Click here to view availability and to request a visit.


Donations are needed for gift bags each month, (we are currently packing 100 bags a month). Here is our list of suggested items: Coffee mugs and tea, journals with scriptures, body wash, lotions, bath bombs, and loofahs, make-up, jewelry, flowers, chocolates, candles,
seasonal gifts like scarves, hats, gloves, and homemade blankets, as well as hand-written notes for each bag with scripture and word of encouragement


Focused Ministries exists to promote healthy and holistic relationships among people of every race, religion, gender, and nationality.


How to Support the Pakistan Project.


Be in prayer for Pakistan and for people to experience the compassion of Jesus Christ through Dr. Saleem’s ministry. For over 30 years, Dr. Saleem has cultivated Christian care and witness among thousands of Pakistani families in hopes that their faith in Jesus Christ would take root and grow.


Consider giving toward this project by clicking the button below and making a special gift or setting up monthly support.


Schedule a time for Dave Damron to represent Dr. Saleem’s ministry to your group or church. Click here to view availability and to request a visit.


Join in a “Focused Gathering” to inspire, inform, and equip you to be an ambassador for the Pakistan Project. Click below find our where we’ll be next.

Upcoming Presentations

Dave and Jennifer will be representing Focused Ministries at various times thru on-line video meetings. Click-on the ENGAGEMENT button below if you’re interested.

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